Monday, November 8, 2010

Remarkable Leadership:Unleashing Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time Download

Kevin Eikenberry |PDF | 291pages | English | 2.44 Mb| 2007 Year
We are all given a unique set of talents when we are born and it is our job to tap into our personal skills and abilities to maximize our potential throughout our lives. Some of our natural talents help us on our journey to become a leader, but other skills need to be nurtured and developed.
Remarkable Leadership is a practical handbook written for anyone who wants to hone the skills they need to become an outstanding leader. In this groundbreaking book, Kevin Eikenberry outlines a framework and a mechanism for both learning new things and applying current knowledge in a thoughtful and practical way. Eikenberry provides a guide through the most important leadership competencies, offers a proven method for learning leadership skills, and shows approaches for applying these skills in today’s multitasking and overloaded world of work. The book explores real-world concerns such as focus, limited time, incremental improvement, and how we learn.
Remarkable Leadership outlines a practical plan for focusing on one of twelve competencies each month. The core competencies define the remarkable leader as someone who champions change, communicates powerfully, develops others, builds relationships, focuses on customers, influences with impact, thinks innovatively, values collaboration and teamwork, solves problems and makes decisions, takes responsibility and accountability, manages projects and processes successfully, and sets goals and supports goal setting. The overarching, thirteenth competency--the Remarkable Leader learns continuously--incorporated throughout the book.
Remarkable Leadership is an original book that is based on Eikenberry’s Remarkable Leadership Learning System—a proven process designed to help people become more proficient in their role as a leader. 

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